Rain Thursday through Saturday along with winter weather??

So you’ve heard the news “Winter Weather Potential” across headlines for this next upcoming system today through Saturday. However, what are we actually dealing with here?

To start I want to put any minds at ease in the DFW metro area, I do not anticipate any winter impacts from this system. So sorry to the kids who were hoping for a snow day. However, a few light flurries and rain mixed with snow may be possible for areas from Paris to Gainesville to Graham. Surface temperatures will be just above or near/ just at freezing so winter accumulations aren’t expected at this time.
The main concern however will be for heavy rain. Today through Saturday as 2-4″ of rain is likely across the metro, while areas south and east could see 3-6″ of rain. So low lying areas and areas prone to flooding will need to keep an eye on the rain activity.
And it never ceases to amaze me how clueless or un aware people are about rain on the roadways, always be cautious while driving on wet roads. Slick roads from rain could lead to your vehicle hydroplaning, so drive carefully at a reasonable reduced speed, and be especially careful with areas under bridges, areas under construction with poor drainage, and so on. To mark a couple of bad spots that I’m aware of (as of 12/6/18)  would be GB right after the Frankford exit in Dallas under the bridge (Marsh LN) where I’ve personally seen dozens of accidents from rain for there is poor drainage on both sides from construction. The second big one is 75 and Plano Pkwy (under the bridge) where construction has lead to poor drainage the past couple of rain events and water has pooled on the road (to my knowledge unaware if this spot has been fixed). If you know of any flood prone areas on area highways/slick spots you’ve noticed and you would like to mention them to let others know, you can always tweet us @Weather225DFW or email us at weathernews225dfw@gmail.com and we’ll try to put a post up of potential slick spots from poor drainage on the roads up to let others know.

Have a good day NTX 🙂

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