The Total Solar Eclipse of 2024 is coming up fast! The date the event will occur will be on April 8, 2024. On this page we will help you prepare for the amazing solar event with what you will need to view the eclipse safely, and where maximum totality will be so you can plan ahead where to see totality.


Interactive map of locations in the path of totality nationwide.

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Who will see Full Totality? Why is Full Totality so important?

To start there is a significant difference between partial and full solar eclipse, and the most desired viewing opportunity for many is being right in full totality. So why is totality so important to see?

In the comparison below between partial and full totality, you will notice the main difference is how dark the sky gets during a total eclipse compared to a partial. During totality the sky turns as dark as night, the crickets and animals think night has come, and there is a noticeable decrease in temperature. During a partial eclipse, the sky will turn a darker tint, and you will notice the shadows of everything appear in a crescent shape.

Before the eclipse arrives be sure to plan ahead! And by planning ahead we mean:

  • Plan out where you can see totality.
  • Purchase protective glasses to protect your eyes while watching the eclipse.
  • Purchase the protective filters you would need for camera lens’s or telescopes to protect your eyes and camera or telescopes from damage.
  • Purchase anything you would need if you’re planning on taking photos or video, ahead of time while supplies are available or able to be shipped.
  • Plan with friends or family on where to view if you’re planning on going with others as traffic may impact travel for others
  • Look for any public events or festivals being held for the eclipse if you’re interested in those.


Before the eclipse is important to know these safety tips to protect you and your family while viewing the amazing solar eclipse.

  • When purchasing protective glasses pay close attention to the website you’re purchasing from, as there are scam websites selling “Eclipse glasses” that are not certified and are not built well and can damage your eyes when viewing the eclipse. Purchase glasses from trusted websites and with an ISO certification. List of certified and approved glasses vendors can be found here (List of approved glasses). You can purchase from sites like, GreatAmericanEclipse.Com, and NationalEclipse.Com
  • NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE ECLIPSE WITHOUT PROTECTIVE GLASSES! When viewing the eclipse the sun can damage your eyes permanently, even during points when the ring of the suns light is very narrow. Watch the eclipse through protective glasses, photo lens filters, and telescopes with protective filters on! The only point where you can watch without glasses is right when full totality begins until it ends in areas of FULL TOTALITY.
  • NEVER look through a telescope, binoculars, or lenses without a protective filter on, even if you have protective glasses on. These enhanced lenses act as a magnifier and if you don’t have a protective filter on even if you’re wearing protective glasses on, it can melt through the glasses and permanently damage your eyes. ONLY look through these types of lenses with a protective filter!
  • If you’re a photographer or videographer, if you don’t have a protective filter the sun can damage your cameras lens and sensor. Put Protective filters on to protect your camera and gear. Filters can come off right when totality starts and should be put back on when ends.

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