April 8 Great American Eclipse Recap

Clarksville, ARK- On April 8 of this year, a total solar eclipse occurred over a large portion of the United States, including the state of Arkansas. The eclipses path went over areas extending from Texas to Canada and was referred to as the “Great American Eclipse“.

This eclipse featured spectacular and rare viewing opportunities for many, such as sun prominences, other plants, and even a comet! Below is a video on what we saw in Clarksville Arkansas during totality.

People from all over the country, and even across the world visited Arkansas and other states in totality to experience the Eclipse. I spoke to individuals in Clarksville, visiting from various different states, including Texas, Oregon, Oklahoma, New York, Utah, California, and Illinois. In addition, there was a mix of first-time eclipse viewers, and those who have seen one or more eclipses already in their lifetime.

I spoke to 2 students who drove down from Siloam Springs who were John Brown University Students named Philip and Tyler. Philip was from Park City Utah, and Tyler was from Chicago Illinois.

“I’ve seen another eclipse, none of them was I in a good place to see totality,” said Philip.

“I’m excited for it to be entirely covered and just like darkness, this is the first time I’ve ever be in utter darkness,” said Tyler.

From my view in Clarksville, we saw totality for exactly 3 minutes and 26 seconds, and fortunately for those across the majority of the State of Arkansas, it was perfect clear weather to enjoy every last second of the Great American Eclipse! Below is video from a few different cameras of totality from Clarksville, Arkansas.

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