Joshua Wisel Portfolio

Hello! I am Joshua Wisel, this is my portfolio page with some information about me.

Some Background Information

My name is Joshua Wisel. I am the owner and manager of Weather 225 media. I have been broadcasting and forecasting with Weather 225 since this page was created in 2015. I created this platform in 2015 to create forecasts for north Texas that viewers can understand, and in a manner that could help teach, and try and alleviate storm and weather related anxiety. Since then we have grown a fairly large following across our website, media, and streaming platforms. We have branched out to now include the Fayetteville Arkansas region with a second page, and have two LIVE 24/7 weather channels for Fayetteville, and Dallas Fort-Worth.

All forecasts you see on this website with custom graphics or with our logo, are created by me. I create custom weather graphics for our website, and have created graphics for other organizations I have worked with. I create the forecasts and update graphics for both forecast regions daily or weekly depending on the forecast. And have occasional live broadcasts, or daily forecast videos across both sites throughout the week.

As someone who grew up with weather related anxiety, my main priority is to give viewers a weather media experience they cant get anywhere else, to help relieve their weather related anxieties, because I myself lived with this fear in the past. Our broadcasts are leading the way, as when severe weather has impacted our coverage regions, we not only relay information in a classic coverage manner, we also take chats from viewers and try to answer them as best we can while live in coverage. I also try to teach basic understandable weather information that encourages research of weather, as in my own personal experience, understanding weather helped me to not fear it.

I have broadcast experience not only with but also with other media groups and organizations. View my past film/b-roll in the links bellow.

Bellow is a YouTube Playlist with some past B-Roll broadcasts of mine.

Full 5 hour Severe Weather Coverage solo broadcast on Weather 225 DFW’s live channel.