Tropical Update (7/1/21)

Early this morning Tropical Cyclone Five strengthened into Tropical Storm Elsa. It’s current path has this storm at tropical storm strength as it heads towards the Westward Islands by tomorrow. And if it continues it’s current path, it could eventually make its way through Cuba, and towards the western Florida coast by early Tuesday.

At this time parts of the Westward and Leeward Islands remain under a Tropical Storm Watch, with other parts now upgraded to a Tropical Storm Warning. Ahead of the storm, expect rough sea’s. Once the storm arrives for parts of the Westward and southern Leeward Islands, tropical storm conditions of heavy rains, winds, flooding, and mudslides are likely. Stay tuned to local weather service and officials for more.

Above is this early mornings Key Message from the Hurricane Center regarding Tropical Storm Elsa.

We’re continuing to monitor Elsa as it races off to the West/Northwest. At this time Elsa has shown signs of slight strengthening that will need to be watched closely, however, as of 10am (time of article posting) Elsa is not forecasted to reach hurricane strength. Stay tuned for updates.

Areas in southern and western Florida should continue to monitor this forecast closely in the coming days as this storm approaches, and could eventually make its way closer to the coast by next week. Stay tuned to Weather 225, National Weather Service, and officials for more updates.

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