Tropical Development Update (6/14/21)

Tropics are starting to wake up! Today Tropical Depression Two has developed off the coasts of NC and VA, and is expected to move away from the United States.

The second and more concerning area for development is located in the southwestern Gulf of Mexico over the Bay of Campeche. This area has a now high likely hood (70% chance) for development within the next 5 day period. If a tropical system were to develop, it would likely occur during the late week period, and could potentially create weather impacts anywhere between the Houston, and Lafayette areas. While there’s many uncertainties still with this forecast regarding timing, system paths and strength, and location, It’s a good idea to stay up with the local forecast updates as we head later in the week.

Because we called out areas where a potential storm could move towards, it doesn’t mean it’s 100% going to happen and affect those areas. We’ll know more about this next system as it develops, and we get more data. Stay tuned

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