Strong to severe storms likely throughout the day

Good morning north Texas. While currently there is little to no action weather wise in the metro this morning areas south of the metro have already seen 2 tornado warned storms. To start there’s a slight (2/5 yellow)  risk for storms covering much of the area. This morning it appears there will be two rounds, the first will be the one currently rolling through the area, and the second will develop and may be stronger than the first later into today. Either way the biggest concern will not only be for the threat for damaging winds, but for these little pop up cells that could become supercell in nature and pose a threat for tornadoes.

Now would be a good time to review your severe weather safety plan, just cause there is a threat for severe weather. Make sure you have a way to receive warnings! If you have outdoor activities make sure you have a plan in case it gets rained or stormed out. There’s a 70-90% chance of rain today, personally I wouldn’t be out at the fair or anything like that not just for the threat but also the rain chances, BUT don’t change your plans because of my personal opinion, if you’re willing to venture out that’s entirely up to you, but I would monitor the weather closely. And of course as always you can use the free radar on our main page! 

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