Storms Likely overnight into tomorrow morning

Good day north Texas. Our next strong storm chances will return once again late tonight into early tomorrow morning. However, rain and non severe tstorm chances will linger through out the day.

Tonight as a system from the west pushes in, storms will organize from the west and become a line that moves through the region. During this time Damaging winds will be the primary hazard with the line of storms, however an embedded tornado within the line could also be possible. Bellow is a look at the timing windows for the area when storms could move in. For DFW storms could move in between 3am-8am

Because this is another overnight set up, be sure you have a way to receive warnings to keep you and your family safe, just in case. Imbedded tornadoes if there would be any with this line, can be short lived and hard to see on radar, however. These would be weaker, and the tornado threat as this point is low but not zero. Stay tuned for the latest and track the rain activity throughout the day with the radar on

Another threat to mention is with saturated grounds and heavy rain expected, localized flash flooding may also become a threat for spots across the area, especially in poor drainage areas, low lying areas, or areas prone to flooding. Remember if there’s water on the roadways, TURN AROUND DON’T DROWN, find alternate routes! You can never fully determine how deep the water is, and its not worth the gamble

Have a great day NTX 🙂 we’ll let you know of any changes to the forecast

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