Low Rain Chances tonight and Monday and Tuesday Night

Well NTX we experienced a pleasant Mothers Day with mostly clear skies and warm temperatures, perfect for any outdoor activities. I know I enjoyed the outdoors today with my family pool side as its starting to feel more like summer with these recent temperatures in the upper 80s and 90s. Tonight there is a very low chance for some isolated storms to enter the western half region, as left over storms from west Texas start to die out. These storms will be non severe IF they are still intact when they reach the western half of the region overnight. Coverage should be around 10-20%. Storms should die out before entering the DFW region as they hit the cap over head, todays cap was very strong over our region as it would have taken temps near 113 degrees to break it, keeping storm development from becoming a threat. As the cold front and dryline linger in west Texas, storm chances will increase here in NTX as storms that develop in west TX will make their way towards NTX during the evening hours both Monday and Tuesday. Additional storms may also develop in Oklahoma and western NTX and move south east into NTX. These storms could reach strong-ish levels with gusty 45-50mph winds possible. Other than that as of now severe weather isn’t looking to be a threat.

Looking ahead for the next 12-14 days, long range models don’t seem to be screaming any potential severe weather set ups anytime soon for NTX. This whole storm season here has been relatively quiet, that’s a good thing for most, and a negative for storm watchers. As we enter a more quieter pattern I personally wont be posting a lot of anything during quiet weather patterns due to life being crazy, that DOESNT mean i’ll stop posting, it just means you may see less activity from us. For our Facebook users we’re having some irritating issues as we’ve posted frequently during weather events recently however facebook has halted our posts from reaching users feeds, while demanding we boost our posts in order to reach our audience. With that said we recommend you follow our Twitter and Instagram where our posts make it to your feeds, and we post just as frequently. I will always be here during any breaking, or major weather event. On top of the no real set ups for severe weather AS OF NOW on the long range models, this heat also looks like its here to stay from here on out.

Happy Mothers Day once again to all the wonderful moms that follow our media. I hope you’ve had a wonderful day!


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