2 Confirmed Tornadoes in our Eastern Counties Saturday

We saw widespread heavy, tropical like rainfall activity on Saturday as storms moved through the area, spinning along an area of low pressure in southern TX Saturday. In addition to heavy rain, some areas in our Eastern counties saw a few quick spin ups!

An EF-0 Tornado was confirmed by the NWS while conducting a damage survey near the Maybank TX area, near the Kaufman/Van Zandt county line. Winds were estimated around 85mph

The other and stronger tornado of the two, was confirmed on the west side of Malakoff TX, with winds of 100mph, as an EF-1. The damage path was said to not be wide, however, some damage was reported in that area.

The NWS is still assessing the paths of these tornadoes. We will update this post as information becomes available (updated 5/18/2020 at 11:am)

So why were there no warnings for these tornadoes?

Because these were low top cells, bellow what radar can see see in those areas farther from the FW radar site. These almost tropical like spin ups are very hard to detect on radar, as these will develop and die off quicker than radar can scan the skies. And in this case, it appears these low top storms bases were bellow the radars view in that area for a good reading.

Stay tuned for more information.

Did your area see damage from these storms Saturday, or storms on Friday?

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