Todays potential storm hazards

As previously mentioned there is the possibility for a few strong to severe storms across parts of the area today. If you are new to the area and dont understand the SPC outlooks heres what it means. Currently parts of the region from central DFW and off to the east are under a (1/5) and (2/5) risk (marginal) and (slight). Marginal means a few strong storms are possible but with less coverage expected. The Slight risk means there could be storms with slightly more storm coverage. When we mention DFW or “the imediate Metro” we mean Denton co Tarrant co Collin co and Dallas co the 4 central counties of DFW.

The image bellow shows what the colors on the SPC outlook mean

The main hazards today will be Damaging winds, isolated tornadoes possible. The hail threat will be lower however a few storms if they reach severe limits will be possible for producing small to marginally severe hail. 

Storm timing will be from 3pm-7pm this evening with the highest coverage will be for areas east of Dallas and Collin counties and areas off to the east. Does this mean you should cancel activities today? NO! Just monitor the weather this afternoon and you should be fine. Areas WEST of DFW will be storm free for those wondering. Stay up to date on the latest by following our sites @weather225dfw and by using the interactive radar on our home page of this website. Check back for the latest

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