Hurricane Dorian Update

As of 5pm EDT, The NWS and National Hurricane Center issued Hurricane Warnings for the Central and southern Florida Coast as Hurricane Dorian approaches. Currently, Dorian is located over the Abacos Islands in the Bahamas, remaining CAT5 Strength with winds around 180-224mph! And storm surges from 18-23 feet. Theres videos online of catastrophic damage from winds and flooding today across the Abacos islands. Dorians speed is slowing down at this time to about 5mph, so unfortunately for the Bahamas, longer periods of destructive wind is now expected this evening.

Dorian’s path has had no significant changes, as the cone of uncertainty has had no real adjustments. And still appears that Dorian should skim the coast as a CAT4 before weakening to a CAT3 off the coast of Jacksonville. Then a CAT 2 off the Carolina coasts, and CAT1 off the Virginia Coast.

For the Florida coast, coastal areas need to prepare for winds between 70-110mph and storm surge between 5-8 feet for areas from Palm Beach to Daytona Beach! Stay tuned to local authorities and news media for the latest!

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