Very Hot week ahead. Also Saharan Dust may cause some issues for some

Good evening or morning NTX, whenever you are reading this article. To start we are headed into the new week with some issues, the first being dangerous heat, the second will be Saharan dust moving in that could cause issues for some. 

The 6 day forecast shows highs through the rest of the week reaching near 103-105 across the area, along with lows in the mid 80s. We could see maybe a heat advisory for parts of the area by mid week, as heat imdex values at times could reach near 107-110! So be sure to review your heat safety tips this weekNow the other issue to mention for the next couple of days will be this Sahara dust blowing in from the gulf. The dust will bring hazy conditions across the metro over the next couple of days, and will also bring the chance to set up some interesting sunsets as well. The biggest issues with this however would be tbe potential to affect some individuals with resperatory issues. Other than that nothing major

Have a good week north Texas! God bless

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