9 Confirmed Tornadoes across the Dallas area on Sunday! (10/20/19 storms)

As of this afternoon (10/22/19) the National Weather Service In FortWorth has confirmed a total of 9 tornadoes across the Dallas metro area, from Sunday nights storms. This total has gone up since yesterday’s assessments of the damage across the area.

Here’s a quick look at the tornadoes confirmed so far

1- EF0 (Wills Point)

2- EF0 (Kaufman)

3- EF0 (Ferris)

4- EF1 (Kaufman)

5- EF1 (#Rockwall)

6- EF1 (#Rowlett)

7- EF1 (Midlothian)

8- EF2 (#Garland)

9- EF3 (#Dallas)

The biggest of the 9 tornadoes occurred over northern Dallas around the areas south of 635, and along 75 across areas between Forest Ln, and Royal Ln. This tornado was ranked as an EF-3 tornado with winds of 140mph!

There’s still many areas without power, as well as roads closed due to clean up across the north Dallas area. Tornado rankings are determined by damage and estimated wind speeds from the damage. After the National Weather Service surveys the damage, they then will give a tornado a strength ranking of “EF”. The EF stands for “Enhanced Fujita Scale”. The scale is shown bellow.

EF-0 (65-85mph), EF-1 (86-110mph), EF-2 (111-135mph), EF-3 (136-165mph), EF-4 (166-200mph), EF-5 (200+mph).

At this time the National Weather Service is still conducting surveys and investigating a few other damage spots as well, so depending on their further findings, this count may go up once again. Thankfully after this severe weather outbreak across the area, we are fortunate to have passed the night with no fatalities. Yesterday the National Weather Service in Amarillo posted an image of the Dallas Tornado’s Track and measurement, compared to Amarillo’s size and what that would look like if it occurred in their city.

In addition to these confirmed tornadoes, there were also a handful of wind damage and hail reports across the area as well

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