Severe Weather Information

When severe weather strikes North Texas, it’s good that you and your family knows how to prepare before the storms, and what to do in the event severe weather impacts your area. Here’s some tips and information from Weather225’s Joshua Wisel! To start, if you’re not aware of where your community sits on th map, or where your community is close to in the Metro area, it’s a good idea to look at a map and get to know where your area is so you can pin point your area on the map when we post warnings and radar images in the future.

Before storms are forecasted across the area, it’s a good idea to become familiar with where you could seek shelter in the event of a tornado, during spring storm season. It’s good to know what items you should prepare ahead to take with you to shelter also, in the event you needed to seek shelter from a storm. img_4557 img_4401 20200325_023834000_ios